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this fucking movie 

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But the real question is

how can you not ship Zutara

not even a bit?

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Anonymous whispered:I'm not a very good artist, and i dont have time to write for the fandom, but i will love the big four forever! They are honestly the reason i joined tumblr, and i will always reblog stuff about them <3 especially jackunzel and merricup haha 

Hahah you know, anon?, I joined tumblr for the same reason. I re-discovered the joy of being part of a fandom, and Jackunzel and Mericcup made me die in feels when I didn’t even know what shipping was yet. And I’ll never forget that because fandoms might be weird or childish stuff for some people, but in reality they can be the source for potential and creativity to come out. That’s what happened to me. I resumed writing and art after a long time thanks to RotBTD and now I’m trying to make a living out of these things, which I would never thought. So yeah, it kind of changed my life.

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meriduh-first-born-of-clan-sass whispered:I know what you mean about the inactive fandom thing. It makes me so sad especially since I got involved kinda late I guess? Overall it's just really saddening and even hinders me from writing or drawing RotBTD stuff because I wonder who would really care anymore? 

Yeah, that’s exactly what I feel! Having joined the fandom around october last year, I got to know the fandom one year after its birth (which I guess dates back to december 2012). But back in 2013 the fandom was still at its best! But now, Frozen occurred, Big Hero 6 occurred… and also the hype flew by because time passes. But fandoms should never give up! I mean it’s okay to lose a little enthusiasm after the beginning, but I don’t think our community is going to vanish. No fandom ever does, and ours is one of the most special, because it does not come along with a TV series or a single saga/movie, we made it up from nothing, it’s crossover guys! So it’s not going to fade in time. At least, not for me!!

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I’m here, Korra.

I wanted to so some proper fanart of the book 3 final, plus I join to the hair party ? :3